ezFeeds News Reader 2.0

ezFeeds has a major new update! Version 2.0 brings many new features, many based on user feedback. It took a bit longer than anticipated to get this release out, but it should be well worth it!

Most notably, ezFeeds is now a universal application and has a beautiful new interface designed for iPad!

Other new features:

  • Image caching for offline reading
  • Improved accessibility support
  • Feed favicons
  • Many performance & memory optimizations
  • Show starred, unread, and shared for folders and feeds
  • Added Email Link and Copy Link/Article article actions
  • Options to show/hide article actions
  • Option to synchronize current feed/folder only
  • Find recommended feeds based on your current subscriptions
  • Can now cancel synchronization
  • More enhancements
  • Fixed some minor bugs

I hope you enjoy it!

Here are some screenshots of the iPad version:

9 thoughts on “ezFeeds News Reader 2.0

  • Hello, How do you change/use a different google reader account in the app? I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing it multiple times but I don’t see the option to change the reader account. It syncs automatically on re-install with the account I entered at initial install without a prompt. Unfortunately that first entered account is my secondary reader account I just use for testing purposes. So I’m really at my wits’ end now and would love some help.

    • Hi, I’ve responded via email, but for others looking to do this, simply revoke access to ezFeeds. Go to http://www.google.com/accounts, then click on Authorizing applications & sites and click Revoke Access for ezFeeds. ezFeeds will then prompt for the account next time it refreshes. I may add an option to do this in-app if it is desired.

  • Hi, please forgive me for wondering why such a simple account switch wsn’t made available in the app. But still you get a 10/10 for support 🙂
    take care

    • You need a google account for this app to work. This has many benefits such as quicker sync times (google reader does a lot of heavy lifting), and syncing read status from your desktop app or web and ezFeeds.

      You can use your existing email address for your google account (if you don’t have or want a gmail account) by going here: https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount

      Hope this helps!

    • Oh and you can search & subscribe to feeds, re-organize, and unsubscribe feeds right from the app.

    • Hi Dwiese, That is unfortunate that it crashes, and I can’t seem to reproduce the error.  I’ll investigate further to see what is going on there.

      The sync will only happen automatically when you open ezfeeds (after the time interval specified in settings, which defaults to 3 minutes), when you have finished reading the last item using the “next unread” button (and the setting to do so is turned on), or you hit the refresh button.  ezFeeds will not sync right after you read an article.

      Also, for future bugs/support, there are the support forums at http://picoe.ca/support

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