PabloDraw 3.2

PabloDraw 3.2 is now out!  Get it here.

This release has these new features:

  • Command line conversion & headless server
  • Admin password for server
  • Numbered file backups
  • Proper dos/legacy aspect ratio for all fonts
  • Sauce 0.5 support
  • General performance improvements
  • 7zip archive support
  • Fixed: Loading PETSCII (seq) files
  • Fixed: Crashing using ctrl+up
  • Fixed: Editing as xbin or other formats
  • Fixed: Mouse commands past 2048
  • Experimental WPF mode for 10k line editing

3.2.1 was a hot fix release and contains these updates:

  • Fix navigating into zip/7z/rar archives
  • Fix bug adding incorrect null bytes before sauce record
  • Fix automatic height calculation for sauce
  • Fix highlighting the loaded file when opening files externally
  • Add button to select a font for sauce
  • Show version number on PabloDraw.Console
  • Mac: Disable app nap on mavericks when connected to a server
  • Windows: Fix editing when connected to a server