PabloDraw 3.2

PabloDraw 3.2 is now out!  Get it here. This release has these new features: Command line conversion & headless server Admin password for server Numbered file backups Proper dos/legacy aspect ratio for all fonts Sauce 0.5 support General performance improvements 7zip archive support Fixed: Loading PETSCII (seq) files Fixed: Crashing using ctrl+up Fixed: Editing as Read more about PabloDraw 3.2[…]

Introducing Eto.Forms – A cross platform UI for .NET

Creating desktop applications across multiple platforms has always been an elusive thing.  In .NET, there are a few options but none without drawbacks, most notibly is that the application will not look or behave like a native application for that platform, or that there are extra dependencies you must install/package with your app. Using the very Read more about Introducing Eto.Forms – A cross platform UI for .NET[…]