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    Josh Renaud

    I’m using PabloDraw v3.2.1.30657 on a Mac Pro under OS X 10.9.2.

    I am experimenting with making a game for Synchronet BBS. I’m using Synch’s sprite libraries, which require the use of the .BIN format.

    I have to say up front that I have never used the .BIN format before. This is all new to me. But it sure seems like something is amiss both with opening .BIN files and with saving new .BIN files.

    For example, when I try to open .BIN sprite files other authors created for their Synch games, the files *never* display correctly in my PabloDraw. It basically looks like PabloDraw has the wrong column width. But when I try changing the column width manually on these opened files, PabloDraw just crops the canvas, rather than re-wrapping the characters.

    For example, here is a sprite .BIN file as it is displayed on the BBS:


    And how it appears when I open it in PabloDraw:

    On the other hand, when I save .BIN files, they seem like they’re truncated by one or two lines. For example, here is a little sprite ANSI I made in PabloDraw:

    I set the canvas width to “8”, then export the ANSI as a .BIN file. After that, if I close the ANSI file and open the .BIN version I just saved, the girl’s legs are cut off (basically one line’s worth):

    There are other little issues, but hopefully this serves to illustrate two of the bigger things I’ve been running into.

    Any fix? Am I doing something wrong?

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    Curtis Wensley
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    Hi, thanks for the detailed analysis! I think there may be some glitches with saving / loading .BIN files. There are a few things from PabloDraw v2 that didn’t make it into v3 yet it seems, such as specifying the .BIN width when loading (other than by using SAUCE). Otherwise, a .BIN’s width is assumed to be 160.

    I’ll add this to my TODO list for next version to make saving/loading BIN files better.

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    Josh Renaud

    Thanks! I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure what I was doing wrong.

    Would also be nice if there was a way to save .BIN files without sauce.

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