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    Mark Sallee

    Hello, I am working on a test project or two, so:

    First of all, I want to edit and add fonts, And since a new version is due to come out (It’s 2014 for gosh sakes!), I want it to be in the next version of PabloDraw.

    I was born during the middle of the IBM PC’s BBS days, so I am feeling nostalgic so much that I wanted something to do based on this,

    BTW- Long live DOS!

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    Carsten (aka Roy/SAC)

    You might want to check out

    It also links to my large TheDraw Fonts Collection, which you might enjoy.

    I am working on the development of my own little ANSI Editor Tool. Not as powerful as Pablodraw of course, but with full custom ANSI fonts support and TheDraw Fonts import/export option. I am still debating with myself, if I should make a buggy beta version public or not.


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    A text tool would be awesome, specially if it had TDF support.

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    Mark Sallee

    I forgot to add that format type,

    I mean like the character fonts used in, for example, the current CGA/EGA/Amiga/C64 system fonts, basically Character Fonts used in a Variable Height, 8 or 9 in Width, 1 bit per pixel.

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    1 1/2 years later, still no update on something like this. =(

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    Mark Sallee

    2 more years in 2017, Almost hitting 2018, Still no Binary/Bit(map)-based Character Font Editor/Creator in the sense of editing your own tiny symbols, letters and numbers… Is this still a really bad issue?

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