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    Hi there!

    I searched A LOT about ANSI escape codes/sequences. Google have a lot of information but it is SO HARD to found this code:

    ESC[?33l <– last char is a lower “L”



    I found some lists talking about ESC[? -> DEC Private mode, and there is a lot of numbers with h (set) or l (reset), but 33.

    Could someone say me what is the standard PabloDraw uses to set escape sequences? Where is this one? What means?

    Thanks in advance and best regards


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    Adding some source of information:

    Search for “CSI ? P m l”:
    CSI = ESC + [
    ? = DEC
    Pm = Numeric Parameter (can be a multiple separated by 😉
    l/h = Uses same codes


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    Curtis Wensley
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    The ? denotes a non-standard code, which has been agreed upon by myself and others in the community to use ?33h/l as a way to turn ON or OFF iCE colours.

    With iCE colours ON, it allows bright background colours (8-16).

    With it OFF, the background will be the 0-7 equivalent colour and the foreground will blink.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks a lot 😀 I finally found a reference and is not the same, so thanks because the one I found makes no sense to me hahaha


    You can switch from software to hardware generated cursors on the fly
    using a VT-200 style escape code as follows:

    <ESC>[?33h switch to hardware cursor
    <ESC>[?33l switch to software cursor
    <ESC>[?32h switch hardware cursor to block mode
    <ESC>[?32l switch hardware cursor to underline mode
    <ESC>[?31h switch to 16 background color mode
    <ESC>[?31l switch to 8 background color mode

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    Andy Herbert

    Interesting, so does ?33h turn on, and ?33l turn off, or the other way around?

    Also, is it possible to turn on and off ice colours in the same file? Or is it required once anyway, or at the head of the file?

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