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    Josh renaud

    I’m not sure if this a bug or not, but I thought I’d ask here.

    I just installed Synchronet for the first time. It’s running on a linux installation within VirtualBox on my Mac.

    (Mac Pro, OS X 10.8.3, PabloDraw from App store)

    I used FTP to transfer the BBS’s .asc menu files to my Mac so I could play with them in PabloDraw. I would right-click on a file, and choose “Open with PabloDraw.”

    When the file opens, though, it displays as raw text, not ANSI.

    Same thing happens if I launch PabloDraw, choose File >Open and select the file.

    However, if I launch PabloDraw, choose File > Open, change Format to “Ctrl-A” and <em>then</em> select the file, it opens and displays properly.

    Shouldn’t PabloDraw auto-detect the format when opening the file, without me needing to specify the format?

    Also, a related issue:

    If I open a file in PabloDraw and then close it (Cmd-W), the window disappears as I would expect. But if I then go to File > Open, the document I just closed suddenly re-appears (I guess so that the the Open dialog can come down as a sheet). That seems wrong. Maybe it should be an Open dialog box rather than a sheet … or make the window persistent but blank, when all documents are closed?


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    Curtis Wensley
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    .asc is an ascii extension. It is unfortunate that synchronet has decided to use a very common extension for something that has ctrlA codes in it. This is why you must select the format type explicitly.

    Alternatively, you can use the .msg extension which does not conflict with anything else and is supported by synchronet for ctrlA files.

    There is also a config file at ~/Library/Application Support/PabloDraw/PabloDraw.config which has settings for which extensions belong to each type. You’d just remove asc from the ascii extension to always use CtrlA when loading .asc files.

    PabloDraw is a single-window app and if you close the window, it does not close the file, but just hides the window. This is very similar to many other OS X apps, but not document-based apps. I am looking at adding os x document support to PabloDraw in a future version.

    Thanks for the feedback!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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