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    Hi Curtis, firstly thanks for your fantastic PabloDraw, expecially last version!

    I’ll explain:

    Before, I used PabloDraw Windows (earlier than the current version) and I make .bin files with variated canvas size (80, 160, 200, …), and to load this .bin files I had no problem, all O.K.

    Now, however, I’m using PabloDraw Version Ubuntu, and if I try to load a 200 chars canvas .bin file (although it has previously set-ed the canvas width to 200), the file is loaded wrong because the canvas size is automatically changed to 160.

    ¿Is there any solution for this?

    Newly and anyway, thanks for your work 🙂


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    I just ran into more or less the same problem. I’ve got a file that’s supposed to be an 80×25 ANSI screen, but I can’t get it to load correctly (it tries to render it all as ASCII, including color bytes). Changing the extension to .bin actually makes it show up correctly, except the width is set to 160. Adding Sauce metadata does nothing, and trying to change the width in the editor truncates the image. 🙁

    It’s a bit unfortunate, because PabloDraw seems like just the tool I’m looking for, otherwise.

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    Hi Haxer,

    As a test, I created -using PabloDraw last version- a 80 x 25 chars. .ans file, and I have had no problems to loading…

    But, have you tried to load your 80×25 .ans file from PabloDraw 2.0.8?
    If this loads them OK, I think you could save it again to .ans (or .bin), and then to see if PD now loads them OK.

    By other side, I have been able to “recover” my >160 chars. canvas size files opening/modifing_canvas_size_to _160/resaving_to_.bin them from PD 2.0.8, in order to can open them from PD last vesion.

    I hope this helps you 🙂



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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