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    I guess the root issue (that resulted in the above feature requests) is that when I’m coloring/shading something complicated, I feel like the ESC, FG##, ENTER, BG##, ENTER slows me down. Likewise, using the Ctrl+Arrow Keys can be slow depending how “far” away my desired color is from the current color.

    This request would reduce ALL color selections to just three key presses:
    + + , where FG# and BG# are each a hex number for the 15 colors, 0-9, black to bright blue, A-F, bright green to white.

    E.g. typing Q, F, 7 would select white on grey. This halves the six key presses required with the current method (Esc, 1, 5, Enter, 7, Enter).

    Of course, I would imagine this would be an additional color selection method — and not a replacement of — side-by-side with the ESC mechanism, in case there are people who expect the original mechanism.

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    The text parser interpreted parts of my msg as HTML tags. So:

    This feature request reduces ALL color selection to just three key presses:
    QuickColorHotKey + FG# + BG#, where FG# and BG# are each a hex number…

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    Curtis Wensley
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    Hm, this was sort of implemented in the old PabloDraw, but a little different – the shortcuts were CTRL+0-7 to change foreground, ALT+0-7 to change background.

    Pressing one of them twice would switch from low to high intensity..

    I like this idea as well, though not everyone would understand the concept of hex numbers for each colour..

    I’m thinking to implement a dialog which would handle the multi-key shortcut, as doing this right in the editor would be hard to provide visual feedback for what the user should do..

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    Individual control of the colors via Ctrl+# and Alt+# is nice, especially if the user wants to change one of the colors, and the dark/bright toggle is useful too.

    I think that would be equally fast and people are used to it.

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    Curtis Wensley
    Post count: 77

    indeed.. it kind of kills two birds with one stone, given your other request for a brightness toggle..

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