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    Hello! Love this program, thank you, and very happy to have found it.

    I eventually figured out how to create ANSI art in Adobe Illustrator using the ANSI characters in Arial with a matching font size and leading of 16px. I guess with PD, I was hoping to save the ANS as Vector, as I saw the option in the Edit Sauce menu. But saving the ANS in multiple formats in PNGs or BMPs results with, ironically, pixelation and not a clean translation.

    Is there a way to do this that I’m missing or is it not possible with this program? I’ve got artwork from my old art group, Lint, from the 90s I’d love to revive. Thanks!

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    Christian Vozar

    Heya! So your requirements could possible be solved by some of the tools that the Ansilove group puts out. The libansilove and its command-line tool ansilove produces PNG files upsampled to incredibly high resolution (we just merged in some code to handle the new @3 scale in high res mobile phones) and should give you the function you need.

    Feel free to PM if you need any help getting your files out. Also, if you have the itch to get back into ansi art be sure to check out Blocktronics (

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    Can you help me.
    How to install this tool to make high resolution ?
    I wanna make print like ofline exebitions.

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