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    Hello! I just discovered PabloDraw after trying to find a program that allows me to get super-creative within the word of ANSI and ASCII. But! I noticed that PabloDraw does not have an option to export/save as MUSHcode. MUSH is a platform for free-form roleplaying in a BBS-like environment. Or rather, there’s a bunch of different code bases that use most things among each other, like TinyMUX (what I use), PennMUSH, TinyMUSH, ect…

    We use ANSI colors but I can’t take what I made in PabloDraw and copy/paste into my MUSH client. And trying to code all of the colors by hand seems too much of a daunting task. But PabloDraw will allow roleplayers to be able to explore the world of ANSI art within their own domain and enhance their text with actual pictures.

    I ask about this because someone mentioned HTML and that’s also an -excellent- export/save format. But it is very similar. Some code is free-standing, like a <br> for a linebreak in MUSHcode is %r. And some you have to escape like html tags. <red>font</red> will make red font, but the same is also in MUSHcode: %xrfont%xn

    If you put this in any TODO list, please contact me if you need help and need a crash-course in MUSHcode! The basics needed for this are easy to pick up.

    Please take care!

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    Carsten (aka Roy/SAC)

    You might want to check out

    This tool supports conversion of ANSI’s to Unicode Web Code.
    See the sample gallery here
    to check out how the result looks like.

    Does this help? I checked same web sites about MUSHCode and could not find much about specifics for formatting text outputs etc.

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    Thank you for the reply!

    Unfortunately that tool does not convert to MUSHcode. Here’s an example of MUSHcode:

    @emit %r%r%xh%xw%r Anticipation%xx[space(16)]_==ee_.%r%xx[space(27)]gY~7|A%]c_~e.%r%xw Ears trained to%xx[space(10)]Z_/_/ P_V/*s%).%r%xw the fall of his%xx[space(9)]%,%[L.7-dZYi'm'c%r%xw step%, she waits%xx[space(9)]Z.cY!ZPzY!/P%[fVst%r%xw eagerly for his%xx[space(7)]%]A-_sm/ Wb!d.%]%[/%[-/%[%r%xw arrival.%xn%xh%xx[space(14)]'K|%,L+/~~'~*+Yb‘[space(2)]D%r%xn%xh%xw[space(23)]%,Y~%xn[space(3)]'/b!Dz%[Df=sW!%r%xh%xw Tenseness marks%xn%xh%xw[space(7)]P%xn[space(9)]gY%\%{+f.-/%\%xns.%r%xh%xw every angle and%xn%xh%xw[space(7)]%[%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]i.%xx %, p.c%\We| %]%xn[space(2)]'+.%r%xh%xw line%, the press%xn%xh%xw[space(7)]!i%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]%\.%]. Y #@M%['%xn _[space(2)].N%r%xh%xw of hands behind%xn%xh%xw[space(8)]!i[space(4)]V_ %] /i.%,%xn /%xh%xw /%xnG!Z%r%xh%xw her pushing her%xn%xh%xx[space(8)]/%xwY%xn%xh%xw[space(5)]Y %,/%xn[space(3)]%\’i%xn%xh%xw[space(2)]i%xnY%r%xh%xw breasts forward%xn%xr%xn%xh%xw[space(6)]d%xx'%xw’%[%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]%]i%xn[space(5)]d %]%xn%xh%xw[space(2)]%]%xn[space(2)]%]%r%xh%xw in anticipation%xn%xh%xx[space(6)]%]%xn%xh%xw[space(3)]Y%xn%xh%xw[space(5)]b%xn[space(4)]i!%xh%xw[space(4)]/%xn[space(2)]’%[%r%xh%xw of his touch on%xn%xh%xx[space(7)]+s_/%xw%[%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]!i%xn[space(3)]Z%xh%xw[space(4)]/%xn%[[space(3)]%[%r%xh%xw them.%xn%xh%xw[space(21)]N%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]%,%\%xn[space(3)]%[%xh%xw[space(3)]%]%xn N%,[space(2)]8.%r%xh%xw[space(27)]%][space(3)]!Y%]%xn[space(3)]b%xh%xw[space(3)]’i%xn%].V~t%r%xh%xw Dark hair falls%xn%xh%xw[space(11)]%]%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]'@%xn[space(3)]%]%xh%xw[space(4)]!.%xnt[space(3)]'i%r%xh%xw to hide averted%xn%xh%xw[space(11)]%].%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]@%xn[space(4)]N.%xh%xw[space(3)]V/%xni[space(3)]N%r%xh%xw face - the muse%xn%xh%xw[space(10)]%,!%[%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]@%xn[space(5)]V%xh%xw[space(4)]'N%xn[space(3)]%].%r%xh%xw unknown%, name%xn[space(3)]%,_____g=/%xh%xw Y%xn%xh%xw[space(4)]A%xn[space(6)]%,-%xh%xw[space(4)]N%xn[space(3)]%[%r%xh%xw concealed.%xn_v=/~~~%xh%xw[space(10)]%]%xn%xh%xw[space(3)]%]%[%xn[space(6)]%]%xh%xw[space(5)]%]N%xn[space(2)]%]%r[space(8)].Y~%xh%xw[space(17)]!%[%xn%xh%xw[space(2)]%]%[%xn[space(6)]%]%xh%xw[space(5)]Z%xn t ‘t%r[space(4)]_=~%xh%xw[space(21)]%[%xn%xh%xw[space(2)]%]%xn[space(7)]%]%xh%xw[space(3)]%,g!%xn /[space(2)]%]%r%xh%xx[space(2)]zf%xn[space(4)]__z====s__.%xh%xw[space(9)]W%xn%xh%xw[space(2)]%]%xng==s[space(2)]%,f%xh%xw%,_=*c%xn[space(2)]%[[space(2)]%]%\_____%r%xh%xx d%xn[space(5)]-f[space(9)]~~~V===mg%xh%xwz/[space(3)]%\.%xn !mY~~~v.[space(2)]X4L. '~Y*L_/%r%xh%xx %[%xn[space(24)]v%xh%xwf[space(6)]%[%xn[space(3)]~V=fYv=.z%\v4Kf~~~~%r%xh%xx Vm_____________________%xnzm%xh%xw%,_ -s=z%(%xn%)%xh%xx==sg==YY*+/=*~~~~~~~~~~=== %,%r%xn[space(24)]5LZ%xh%xw'%\=cXD=%xxKX8N/%xn[space(9)]%r%xh%xx[space(33)]~~%\f ‘%xn[space(12)]~ ~''~~[space(2)]%r

    All of that created this in my MUSH client: (A bit NSFW with a nude figure from the back, nothing insanely-graphic)

    [space(#)] are hardcoded spaces. %x-stuff are the colors. There’s some escaping too; you have to escape [, ], and %, among other things. %r is a heard line break and %b is a single hard-space, much like [space(#)] but only denotes one single space.

    I currently use to translate any ASCII art into MUSHcode. However, it does not handle colors, which is the main drawback. MUShcode can also handle Unicode characters too, the basic set, anyway.

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    Sorry for posting twice, you might come across if you look up MUSH-related art. However, that program was built for a specific game named 8bitMUSH and cannot be used across the very broad range of MUSH games. Most MUSH games use the code format as the example I posted above.

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