PabloDraw for Mac OS X

PabloDraw is an Ansi/Ascii text and RIPscrip vector graphic art editor/viewer with multi-user capabilities.

PabloDraw uses the awesome Eto.Forms cross-platform framework to provide native UI for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

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New in version 3.2

  • Command line utility for conversion & headless server
  • Admin password option for server
  • Numbered file backups (File->Enable Backups)
  • Proper dos/legacy aspect ratio for all fonts (8×14/8×19 fonts)
  • Sauce 0.5 support which includes aspect, 9px, and font settings
  • 7Zip archive support
  • General performance improvements and fixes
  • Fixed: Loading PETSCII (seq) files
  • Fixed: Editing as xbin or other formats
  • Fixed: Mouse commands past 2048 in windows
  • Experimental WPF mode for 10k line editing on windows (“–platform wpf” as a parameter)




  • Text Formats: ANSI, ANSI/24, ASCII, ADF, Avatar, BIN, CG, IDF, Tundra, CtrlA, XBIN, Animated ANSI
  • Vector Formats: RIPscrip
  • Browse inside ZIP, RAR, and 7z archives without extracting
  • Raster Formats (viewing only): JPEG, GIF, PNG
  • Draw ANSI and ASCII with your mouse or keyboard
  • Convert any format to an image for easy sharing
  • Multi-user networking to draw and chat together
  • Watch animated ANSI and RIP
  • Baud rate emulation
  • Browse the archive of art
  • DOS fonts for most languages/code pages
  • Amiga & 9px fonts
  • Legacy aspect emulation
  • Color & character set editors
  • Sauce 0.5 editor for metadata


  • Linux: Mono 2.10 and gtk-sharp 2
  • Windows: .NET 4.0 (installer will install this if needed)
  • OS X: 10.6 Snow Leopard (or greater)


Additional Notes

To run on linux, execute “mono PabloDraw.exe” from terminal.  Some distros (e.g. ubuntu) will let you double click on the PabloDraw.exe file from Nautilus File Manager once mono is installed.

Ubuntu Users

  • Ubuntu 11.04 or earlier can use this script to install mono 2.10
  • Ubuntu 11.10 comes with mono 2.10 and should run out of the box
  • Ubuntu 12.04+ users should install “gtk-sharp2″ and “mono-complete” packages

Mac OS X Users

To use the F1, F2, etc keys on OS X without having to press the FN key, change the setting in System Preferences->Keyboard->Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys

PabloDraw in Action

More Videos…


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Ansi/Ascii/Rip archive of all art packs dating back from 1990 to today.
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Ascii-focused forums
deviantART is the premiere global interaction and communication platform for the artistic lifestyle
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  • Elsie Broek

    So glad ASCII Art is still alive and kicking!

  • Sadfasda


    Your program was already great, but now in its 3.1.2 version and with so many features is fantastic :-)

    Thanks Curtis and great work!

  • Rick Christy

    Really great work. The painting tools for ansi/ascii will hopefully bring some new artists to the medium.

  • Sysop

    My BBS menus save in .MNU and various other extensions, it is impossible to open these with the newest version :(

    • cwensley

      You can, but you must edit the PabloDraw.config file to add the extension to the ansi format. I plan on adding UI to configure these settings in the future.

  • Richard Ward

    What happened to the block > flip option? Otherwise an AWESOME update. I’m rather love-hate with the brush. It’s an awesome feature, but it’s kind of cheating the system. It needs a stroke-based undo, as well.

    • cwensley

      Select the block, press ‘m’ to move the block, then press ‘x’ or ‘y’ to flip the block (you also get ‘r’ for rotate, ‘s’ for stamp, ‘t’ for transparent, and ‘u’ for under). When you are in move (or ‘c’opy) mode, check the edit menu for a list of these options. (;

    • Richard Ward

      I was literally just crawling back here to say that I figured it out. The context menu is gone, and I don’t see the shortcuts referenced anywhere else. I suppose it’s a secret to the elders now hahaha

  • GingerbreadTrail

    Couldn’t you release the Mac version for free on the appstore?

    • ShadowHeart

      99c is a bargan!

  • ShadowHeart

    your creating of that ansi picture on youtube is unreal! how do you guys do those fonts? do you do hem freehand? do you use graph paper or something?

  • Richard Ward

    I keep getting an error when I try to save my work. I have to copy and paste it into a new instance and save again. The error states:

    “Error saving file: InvalidArgument=Value of ’2′ is not valid for ‘SelectedIndex’. Parameter name: SelectedIndex.”

    • cwensley

      Can you give me more details, like what OS, what type of file you are saving, and the file name you are entering? also, there are support forums here:

    • Richard Ward

      Thanks! I’ll drop a message in the forums in a bit.

      OS: Windows 7
      File: ANSI
      Filename: really doesn’t matter. I find will let me save the file as long as I continually save as a new file name.

  • mro1337 domain has expired

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  • Jonathan

    For Apple users this Alfred workflow to toggle the Function Keys with a simple system wide shortcut might be useful:

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  • Richard Ward

    Are the 2.x versions still available? 3.x is cool, but I don’t need a lot of what 3.x offers and would much prefer using the older program.

    • cwensley

      Yes, v2 is still on sourceforge. Beware that it has not been updated since 2004, and won’t necessarily work on newer OS’.

    • Richard Ward


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  • Lothar Behrens

    I would like to invite you to list this software on This is an Freshmeat alternative :-)

  • guttermessiah

    Can I choose what directory pablodraw installs in?

    • cwensley

      The installer uses a Click-Once deployment, which cannot be configured in that way. You can, however, download the Windows & Linux version, and copy the exe to wherever you’d like.

  • Ivanka Leksi

    How about Pablo Draw for a tablet and a smart phone app?

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