April 10, 2012


PabloDraw for Mac OS X

PabloDraw is an Ansi/Ascii text and RIPscrip vector graphic art editor/viewer with multi-user capabilities.

PabloDraw uses the awesome Eto.Forms cross-platform framework to provide native UI for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

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New in version 3.2

  • Command line utility for conversion & headless server
  • Admin password option for server
  • Numbered file backups (File->Enable Backups)
  • Proper dos/legacy aspect ratio for all fonts (8×14/8×19 fonts)
  • Sauce 0.5 support which includes aspect, 9px, and font settings
  • 7Zip archive support
  • General performance improvements and fixes
  • Fixed: Loading PETSCII (seq) files
  • Fixed: Editing as xbin or other formats
  • Fixed: Mouse commands past 2048 in windows
  • Experimental WPF mode for 10k line editing on windows (“–platform wpf” as a parameter)




  • Text Formats: ANSI, ANSI/24, ASCII, ADF, Avatar, BIN, CG, IDF, Tundra, CtrlA, XBIN, Animated ANSI
  • Vector Formats: RIPscrip
  • Browse inside ZIP, RAR, and 7z archives without extracting
  • Raster Formats (viewing only): JPEG, GIF, PNG
  • Draw ANSI and ASCII with your mouse or keyboard
  • Convert any format to an image for easy sharing
  • Multi-user networking to draw and chat together
  • Watch animated ANSI and RIP
  • Baud rate emulation
  • Browse the sixteencolors.com archive of art
  • DOS fonts for most languages/code pages
  • Amiga & 9px fonts
  • Legacy aspect emulation
  • Color & character set editors
  • Sauce 0.5 editor for metadata


  • Linux: Mono 2.10 and gtk-sharp 2
  • Windows: .NET 4.0 (installer will install this if needed)
  • OS X: 10.6 Snow Leopard (or greater)


Additional Notes

To run on linux, execute “mono PabloDraw.exe” from terminal. ┬áSome distros (e.g. ubuntu) will let you double click on the PabloDraw.exe file from Nautilus File Manager once mono is installed.

Ubuntu Users

  • Ubuntu 11.04 or earlier can use this script to install mono 2.10
  • Ubuntu 11.10 comes with mono 2.10 and should run out of the box
  • Ubuntu 12.04+ users should install “gtk-sharp2” and “mono-complete” packages

Mac OS X Users

To use the F1, F2, etc keys on OS X without having to press the FN key, change the setting in System Preferences->Keyboard->Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys

PabloDraw in Action

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