March 8, 2010


A new alpha version of PabloDraw/View is now available! Download & find out more here

A windows-based scene viewer built in the .NET Framework. Features include:

  • Views Ansi/Ansimation/Adf/Binary/Idf/XBin/Avatar/CG character files
  • Views Bitmap/Jpeg/Tiff/Gif/Png image files
  • Views Rip/Animated Rip vector files
  • Can save any format to Bitmap/Jpeg/Tiff/Gif/Png
  • Bulk Export
  • BAUD emulation for Ansi/Rip/CG files
  • Emulates DOS aspect ratio and 9 pixel character width without distorting the proportions
  • Sauce support

Download PabloDraw ALPHA (recommended)

Download the OLD PabloView

Version 0.92 – Fixes errors setting extensions, showing sauce, and bin loading

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